Hypnotherapy Training

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For many, our training courses are one of the most rewarding journeys in their life, probably also because of the enormous personal benefits.

Internationally Recognized Curriculum

SAIH and the Mastermind Hypnotherapy Training Centre is not your ordinary training centre. Our world-class curriculum has been finetuned since 1998 and our graduates enter their vocation with confidence and competence. Acceptance into the program is not determined by academic pre-requisites or scholastic achievement. However, we do seek passionate and determined people who are deeply committed to improving themselves and others. Therefore, if you feel a calling to apply your inherent talents and compassion, you bring the minimum requirements to embark on this journey. Additionally, if you have a background in other supporting modalities this may well enhance your overall competence.

The client-centred methods that we teach you at SAIH versus therapist-centred methods are based on the empowering truth that the client holds the answers to their problems. The client-centred practitioner’s task then, is to carefully listen and strive to understand the client and apply proven techniques, so that the client can tap into their natural ability to grow and improve.

Here are some important points about our training

• SAIH offers an integrated training system where theoretical and practical skills and knowledge are utilized throughout the courses. Students personally experience the benefits of both facilitating and receiving practical hypnosis sessions.

• Each course builds on the knowledge base of the previous one allowing for growth into very advanced techniques.

• In addition to the internationally recognized qualifications as a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT)nm, only at SAIH can you qualify as Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF) internationally recognized through the Charles Tebbett’s foundation.

• In-class training incorporates many practical exercises ranging from group hypnosis sessions to one on one practice.

• In addition to the engaging conversations in class and lively Q&A during the weekend courses, the support of the trainers and guidance of the assessors is available for the studying groups and individuals.

• With a comprehensive selection of speciality courses available, we cater for a wide variety of preferences such as Spiritual Hypnosis Practices, Conversational Hypnosis, HypnoMed, Compulsive Behaviour & Smoking Cessations as well as Past Life Regression and Soul Journeys

The South African Institute of Hypnotism (SAIH)

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South African Institute of Hypnotism Training